38 year old Michael Earl Gaumer says he feels like an old man.
Time stopped for Gaumer at the age of 17. Specifically the night of June 7, 1992, when he became a teen killer, playing a part in what locals say is very likely the most notorious crime in Gloucester County history.
That night Gaumer and two friends, 15 year old Jennifer Kszepka, and 17 year old Dominic Hendrix went to Kszepka’s home planning to steal some money to fund a cross-country trip to California.
That’s when Hendrix stabbed to death Kszepka’s 42 year old father Jerome and Jennifer Kszepka stabbed to death her sister, 20 year old Ranae.
Now, 21 years later, Gaumer hopes to start his life again. He was interviewed by the five-member Virginia Parole Board on Oct. 18. It was his seventh interview in 10 years.
No word yet on any decision by the board.