Giant Oyster Reef In The Making

It’s being called the largest oyster reef “on the planet.” One hundred tons of granite were dumped near the mouth of the Piankatank River recently to build it. The Southside Sentinal reports that the oyster planter “Capt. Ellery,” owned by W.E. Kellum Seafood in Weems, used water cannons to off-load the granite in two 50-ton increments… it’s now a foundation for growing oysters in what is planned to be… when finished… a 250-acre reef. The 100 tons of granite covered just 15 acres. The Nature Conservancy and Virginia Commonwealth University are teaming up for the effort, along with the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. When it is finished, 3,750 tons of granite will be spread over four sites. The Piankatank River was chosen, because it is seen as one of the cleanest rivers in Virginia and it has a long history of being one of the top “incubator” rivers for growing seed oysters.