The owners of “The Local” in Irvington want to do something about trash. Anthony and Joanna Marchetti, and Jack Geier took over the business about one year ago, with the goal of converting the restaurant and coffee shop into a “zero waste” business. They say when they first took over, the business was generating 6-8 bags of trash per day… including plastic straws and utensils and Styrofoam cups and containers. Now, they say they are proud of the progress that’s been made over the past 11 months, which so far, include
switching to paper or vegetable based straws, eliminating Styrofoam products, and plastic coffee stirrers, getting rid of plastic to go utensils in favor of bamboo options. They have also switched to more reusable items such as real silverware and stainless steel cups, and mason jars and mugs for in-house beverages. All plastic packaging and products have
been eliminated from the grab and go options. Now, they say their next step toward zero waste operations is an aggressive, and it will require the help of all their patrons. They plan to target disposable coffee cups. They say each year in the US, 25 billion coffee cups… .68 million cups per day… are thrown away. They are now encouraging their customers to BYOM (Bring Your Own Mug), and they are collecting donations of reusable travel mugs to offer customers in place of a paper to go cup. If you have some extra sealable, leakproof mugs in good to excellent condition, they want to hear from you. You can drop them off at The Local anytime. A drop off box is being set up outside, and Dug In Farms in Kilmarnock is also accepting travel mugs. By bringing in your own travel mug for to go coffee, or accepting one from the donation drive, customers will save 25 cents on every cup of coffee… effect immediately. Also, there will be a 25 cent upcharge for paper to go cups, beginning on Monday, April 22nd in recognition of Earth Day. That’s the day The Local will also offer customers who bring their own mug and/or donate travel mugs, a free coffee.