New warning signs are posted on several primary and secondary roads in Richmond County to alert motorists to the presence of horse-drawn vehicle traffic. Horse-drawn vehicles typically travel at speeds ranging from 5-10 mph. Motorists should be prepared to significantly reduce their speed, use additional caution, and share the road if they encounter a horse-drawn vehicle. Warning signs are posted along Route 3 in Richmond County for travelers entering the county. These signs are accompanied by a plaque underneath that reads, “COUNTYWIDE,” to indicate that motorists should expect to encounter horse-drawn vehicles throughout Richmond County. Additional warning signs are placed at the following locations where motorists are likely to encounter horse-drawn vehicle traffic:

Route 3 eastbound near Route 602
Route 360, just prior to the Route 619 intersection and the Route 600 intersection
Route 607
Route 614
Route 619

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) coordinated sign placement with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office.