A federal judge on Friday sided with a transgender student in a lawsuit over whether the Gloucester School Board violated his constitutional rights by barring him from using the boys’ room at Gloucester High School nearly five years ago. The U.S. District Judge ruled that Gavin Grimm… who was born female but now identifies as a male… should have been allowed to use the bathroom of his chosen gender identity. The case goes back to 2014, when the Gloucester School Board adopted a new policy after Grimm had been allowed to use the boys’ room for several weeks… saying students must use bathrooms associated with their biological sex, but that transgender students could use a separate “private” facility. After that policy took effect, Grimm sued, claiming that the board’s policy created a “stigma” and turned him into an outcast. On Friday, Federal Judge Arenda L. Wright Allen sided with Grimm and the ACLU of Virginia on the case… ruling that the board’s policy violates both the U.S. Constitution and federal law. Friday’s ruling by the judge came as no surprise to many, who pointed to the strong language she used in a May 2018 ruling that turned aside the School Board’s motion to dismiss the case. The judge on Friday, also ordered the School Board to change Grimm’s high school transcript within 10 days to identify him as a male rather than female… that after the board had earlier declined to change Grimm’s transcript, even after he got an amended Virginia birth certificate and a ruling by a state circuit court judge declaring him a male. The judge then ordered the board to pay the nominal damages… $1… plus Grimm’s attorney fees and costs for all the years of litigation. So far, there has been no word on whether the board plans to appeal.