Bet you didn’t know this… best-selling novelist Brad Parks says he has written several of his best-selling crime novels while sitting at the Hardee’s restaurant in Saluda… less than four miles from the Rappahannnock Community College’s Glenns campus. On Saturday, January 11th, Parks will speak at RCC’s 50th anniversary celebration on “The Education of a Writer.” After speaking in the RCC Lecture Hall, he will meet with fans for a meet-and-greet and book signing in the RCC library. Copies of his latest novels “The Last Act,” “Closer Than You Know” and “Say Nothing” will be available for purchase and signing.
International bestselling author Brad Parks is the only writer to have won all three of American crime fiction’s most prestigious prizes. His novels have been translated into 15 languages and have won critical acclaim around the world. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Parks is now a full-time novelist. He divides his time between the shores of the Rappahannock River and Williamsburg. In both places, his favorite writing spot he says, is a Hardee’s restaurant.