Urbanna‚Äôs 52-year-old pool needs to be replaced. In fact, according to the Southside Sentinal (www.ssentinel.com) replacing the pool topped a wish list when input was being gathered to develop a master plan for Taber Park. Now, talk is turning to building an enclosed pool that could be used year around. Discussions are still in the early stages, but council now seems to agree that an enclosed pool is something to at least consider. If done, it could be enclosed using an inflated vinyl dome that is removed during the summer months…. similar to the inflatable arch structures that are often used to cover tennis courts. Operating costs would be higher though. There would be year-round staffing, and heating the water would mean energy costs. But it was brought to council’s attention that a year round enclosed pool could attract people to Urbanna, making it a major asset for the town.